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Shadow Players

The Shadow Players Stage Combat Group recreates the Golden Age of Piracy. What could be better than being a pirate!? Our show combines comedy and hi-jinks with rousing sword-fights and whip work, pirate songs, and educational information. Normally a 20-30 minute street performance (or stage), our show contains lots of laughs and fun audience interactions, not just for kids, but for all ages!
Come see us in person if we are in your area. We would love to meet you.

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Motley Tones

The Motley Tones washed ashore at the Blackbeard Festival in Hampton, VA in 2010 and have been entertaining crowds ever since. Helped by friends and fans, they are now the region's most popular pirate performing group, entertaining adults and children alike with their unique blend of classical and oft-times amusing sea shanties. They are known throughout the mid-Atlantic region both for their highly interactive street shows as well as their enthusiastic stage shows. This dynamic group sings madrigals for the king by day, pub songs for the hoi polloi by night, and love songs and sailor songs all the day long.

Sword Conservatory

In Pirates of the Caribbean, Capt. Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones fight each other with cutlasses while swinging from the ropes of a ship. In Master and Commander, Capt. Jack Aubrey and his crew board a French ship and fight with cutlasses, pikes, and axes. Is this how pirates and sailors in the age of sail actually fought? At The Sword Conservatory (TSC), we have developed a program in Pirate/Maritime Historical Combat that specializes in edged weapons. We have researched the sword fighting styles from the golden age of piracy through the age of fighting sail and teach these techniques to our students.

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The Cannon Crew

The Cannon Crew is a non-profit charitable organization, that is part of Beaufort Pirate Invasion Inc.. Based in Beaufort, we endeavor to serve our community with our piratical presence to entertain, and sometimes educate in Eastern North Carolina and beyond. Our mission is to help attract tourism by commemorating the Spanish Attack of Beaufort in 1747, Blackbeard and the Queen Anne’s Revenge’s presence here, demonstrating living history skills from our local colonial culture and support institutions that preserve and present our rich local history. Our Crew travels to events all over NC and beyond, telling of Beaufort, pirates, and our county’s beauty and charm, not to mention bringing back booty to support our annual event. Led by Capt. Carl Cannon aka BLACKBEARD, it is our humble pleasure to serve as your host and organizer of the Beaufort Pirate Invasion.

Captain Jim Is Magic

Captain Jim Is Magic with Lady Louisa and her Dance of Swords.

Mixed with high energy music, comedy and age-appropriate life lesson motivation.

Performances that get better with age... the audience's age.

The older you get the more you get out of what their shows got.

- Exciting for Children. Positive messages building positive foundations for the future.

- Freaky Fun for Teens. Life Lesson messages they appreciate in the moment... on challenges present and future.

- Layers of Entertainment for Adults. Rejuvenating their spirit.

Family and Corporate Events.

"Making All Ages Feel Good While Having Fun!"

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Sword Circle

Sword Circle is an educational organization dedicated to preserving the authentic living-history & historic arts of medieval combat through safe and engaging programs. 

Swordsmanship is as much about mental and emotional discipline as it is about physical training. Our goal is to inspire participants with a sense of every-day knighthood, inside and outside of our classes. These life lessons are aimed to sharpen the mind by leading with the knowledge for discipline, and historical education. 

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